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Raising Quality
Registered Myotonic Goats

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We raise quality Fainting Goats that have been tested negative for CAE, CL and Johne's, and are structurally correct and genetically sound. Our breeding stock has been carefully selected to provide you with trouble free kids we are sure you will enjoy. Our farm is located in Southeastern Virginia in historic Surry County.

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  This is our guardian dog "Jeep" named after Popeye's companion animal. The Tibetan Mastiff is a people-oriented dog but will fiercely defend its territory and herd against strangers. This is what it has been bred to do over the past several thousand years in the Himalayas. It is a rare breed in this country as it has only been introduced to the West in the past 40 years.
We added a second guardian dog to assist Jeep and keep him company. Pugsley is a Karakachan, a breed imported from Bulgaria. Pugsley was born in September of 2005. He is working out nicely and already takes his job of guarding the goats seriously.
  Pugsley as a Puppy Pugsley 2008

  In the early 1800 a strangely dressed man named Tinsley appeared in Marshall County Tennessee with four goats and a sacred cow. He took up with a local woman but things didn't work out. One day he took his cow and left, leaving the woman and his goats behind. The goats were sold to Dr. H.H. Mayberry who recognized their unique traits and kept and bred them.
  This unique trait is called
Myotonia which causes the goat
to stiffen up and fall over if
startled or surprised. It does
not hurt the goat and the effect only lasts for 10-15 seconds and goes away.

Myotonic goats are known by many colorful names such as Fainting, Nervous, Stiff Leg, Wooden Leg, and Tennessee Scare Goats. We refer to them as myotonics.

Some say the original four
goats were black/white
but fainting goats come in
many colors.

One dominant feature is bulgy or "bug" eyes, which makes them distinguishable from other breeds.


Fainting goats are easy to raise, they are easy kidders and excellent mothers. They are easy to contain as their Myotonia prevents them from being able to jump fences.

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