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This site is the Myotonic Goat Registry, located in Adger, AL.  There is a very detailed breed description, lots of informative articles, a breeder page that can be searched by state and a searchable pedigree database.  Information on joining and the forms to do so may be found on the Breeder Download Page.   All of our goats are registered with the MGR.



Website designer and developer of our website. Moonlight Farms highly recommends this website.



This site belongs to a very good "goat" friend, Jerry Webb. He is one of the few breeders of the rare breed called Savanna Goats. Jerry is responsible for our addiction to goats



Lazy JV Ranch has goat and sheep equipment and other small livestock supplies. Located in Central City, Kentucky.



This site offers webhosting. Moonlight Farms has used Khimaira as our webhost since 2002.



Khimaira Farm is a family farm dairy and meat goat operation. There are many fun goat products and lots of links to many useful goat sites.



The Goatwisdom site is just awesome. There is a wealth of information on all aspects of goat care with extremely well written articles that will prove invaluable to any goat farmer.



This site has a lot of nice goat products and we've ordered a lot of supplies from them. They have a very nice catalog and I strongly recommend the book "Goatkeeping 101" written by them to all of my buyers.



This site has excellent articles and also a link to join Chevontalk, a goat email list. We belong to it and it has proved invaluable when you need help fast!



Jeffers has pets, livestock and equine supplies. Excellent source for medications/vaccines.



Register's Sheep and Goat Supply. Exclusively goat and sheep products.



Purveyor of goatkeeping supplies since 1935. Also an excellent source for goat advice.



Wood & Stream Creations is a wonderful gift source for those hard to find goat collectibles. Owned by Earl & Marge Kitchen in Grandy, Minnesota.



An excellent site with many informative goat articles on all aspects of goat care.



A registry source for Savanna, Kiko, Spanish, TMG, TxMaster, Gene-Master and Myotonic goats.



An excellent source of information on goat care, health and husbandry. Moonlight Farms highly recommends this website.


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